Which is better: soundbar or home theater system?

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There are several ways to get the best audio quality from your TV. For this the question arises spontaneously: better home cinema or sound bar?

You must first understand what these two systems consist of and take into consideration several fundamental points. The difference between soundbar and home theater is also a fundamental concept to consider.

The soundbar can be installed very easily in front of or behind the TV, but also installed on the wall, as it is practical and compact, space-saving and easy to handle. On the market you will find models with or without an external subwoofer.

A home theater system, on the other hand, is made up of several speakers placed at different points in the room so that the sound is reproduced more accurately, the cables can be very annoying, but in the market you can also find wireless models.

The soundbar is much cheaper than a home cinema system and as we said less bulky and suitable for small rooms. A home cinema can reach considerable sums, not for everyone.

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is a TV soundbar with or without a subwoofer, used to make your TV sound clearer and better. Visually it looks like a bar the length of the TV or a bit less, inside you will find the speakers, amplifier and a set of equalizer.

It can be installed wherever you want, in front of or behind the TV, or hung on the wall; some soundbars can be used as a base for your TV, and installation is very simple and won’t take long.

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Some models allow you to prepare the sound by channels, this effect is called 5.1, Dolby Digital. To have an excellent and enveloping sound in all situations of music and dialogue, the soundbar is made for you, all the soundtracks will be extraordinarily clear.

Usually this device has an elegant design, it will adapt to any room in your house, from the living room to the bedroom, and to any type of furniture. The soundbar has small dimensions, takes up little space.

Thanks to your soundbar, you can listen to music like at a concert or watch movies as if you were at the cinema, all comfortably installed at home. The price should also not be underestimated, a soundbar compared to a home theater system is much cheaper.

What is a Home Cinema System?

A home theater system consists of a projector or television screen, a DVD or Blu-ray player, an amplifier, two front speakers and a center speaker, and may also have a subwoofer (active or passive) and two surround speakers. This system will give you the opportunity to listen to music or watch a movie as if you were at the theater, cinema or concert.

Obviously your home theater system will very much depend on how much you are willing to spend, costs go up because of the sound system, the more it is processed the higher the price will be, starting from a minimum of 1000 – 1500 Euros.

One of the main advantages of home cinema is the quality of sound and the possibility of using audio codecs such as Dolby Digital and DTS., Systems also used in cinemas. If a 4K TV or projector is paired with the home theater system, the experience will be truly immersive.

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The disadvantages, however, are not uncommon, first of all the price. A good Home Cinema can be very expensive. Obviously, you can settle for a cheaper system, but at the expense of quality. Another issue not to be underestimated is space, you will need space to properly arrange all the components and speakers. Choose a 5.1 home theater with four speakers and a subwoofer or a 2.1 home theater with two speakers and a subwoofer

Installing and setting up a home theater system isn’t terribly complicated, but you’ll still need to be mindful of cables that might get in your way, or you can opt for a wireless home theater. The home cinema will adapt well to any environment, the design is still very modern and captivating.

Is it better to buy a soundbar or a home theater system?

A soundbar guarantees good audio quality, but not as much as a home cinema system which will make your audio experience unforgettable. A sound bar is much cheaper, it can also be placed in very small rooms, excellent for a studio, for a single person who lives in a small apartment. On the other hand, for a large family, who lives in a house with large spaces, a home cinema is the best solution. Some home theaters are wireless, so even tedious and dangerous cables can be avoided.

The home cinema will be a more expensive purchase but certainly of high quality, you will feel like in the cinema. Also, the home theater does not have built-in speakers like the soundbar but the speakers will need to be placed in various locations around the room to ensure the best effect. For this, the environment must be spacious enough to accommodate the various components and for the audio result to be flawless.

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If you want to improve the sound quality of your TV, you will have to decide which surround system to buy, a soundbar or a home theater system.

The soundbar, as we have repeatedly pointed out, is cheaper, takes up little space, since it is a very simple bar placed in front of, behind the TV or installed on the wall, which in all cas guarantees excellent results, also has a low cost and can be easily connected to the TV, is simple to assemble and does not require any special skills or too much time.

The home theater system is much more expensive and less suitable for the home environment, more complicated to assemble and much more bulky, it is much more expensive, it can reach very high figures. Certainly, the home theater can achieve a sound quality equal to that of a cinema. The sound is really excellent, the viewer will feel completely enveloped by the sound.

You just have to decide which system is best for you.

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