Wool fabric, the best on the market since the beginning of 2022, what is it? here is the list

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wool fabric

Create clothes or any other type of DIY product the use of wool fabric has many benefits for our body. It is actually a versatile fabric that can be used in almost all seasons depending on the needs of those who use it. The benefits of wool are numerous. It is in fact an ancient fiber that keeps you warm and is also cool in summer despite what you think. In fact, it is one of the favorite fabrics of athletes.

In this article, we wanted to join the ten best woolen fabrics that can easily be found online and have excellent value for money. Ideal for creating many products, this is how our list is made up.

1. Rayher Pure New Wool Fabric

Let’s start with the Rayher Hobby brand which offers a selection of fabrics in pure new wool. It’s done five fabrics of different colors, pastel and very summery colors that allow you to have a stock for any type of sewing work.

The fabrics are divided into five fabrics of five different colors of 20 grams each. The dimensions are 26.5 x 15.5 cm. The material is very easy to work with and leaves a lot of room for imagination which you can indulge in thanks to the excellent quality of the fabric.

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2. Rayher wool blend non-woven fabric

Let’s return again to the Rayher Hobby brand, but this time with completely different colors. If the first set of virgin wool fleece had pastel colors, in this case we have sets with yellow-green or gray-blue notes.

The item in total weighs 109 grams, the measures are 29 x 16 x 6 cm and are balls that can be used in sewing, for decoration or to create accessories. Product, as we have already said, of high quality.

3. Pemmiproducts sheep’s wool

Here is another space-saving sheep wool fabric sold by the Pemmiproducts brand. The quality of this wool it is already recognizable by touch. Its weight is 150 grams and the measurements are 32 x 29 x 26 cm. This product has been made with a material consisting of 80% pure new wool and approximately 20% polyester. Indeed, its composition makes it a resistant fabric and very easy to work with to create furniture, clothing and accessories.

Breathable, easy to clean and with automatic temperature regulation. Excellent value.

150gsm bulky non-woven sheep wool, 1.5m wide, 2.5m long, about 15mm thick, 3.75m² (EUR 7.16/m²), wool patchwork, fleece , washable, padding

150gsm bulky non-woven sheep wool, 1.5m wide, 2.5m long, about 15mm thick, 3.75m² (EUR 7.16/m²), wool patchwork, fleece , washable, padding

  • Material: minimum 80% pure new wool, maximum 20% polyester fiber as binding fiber, colour: natural, beige
  • The wool, which is first processed into sheep shearing on live sheep
  • Moisture and temperature regulating, air permeable, breathable, easy to clean thanks to natural self-cleaning power, reduction of dust mite infestations

4. Scotch Tweed Wool Square Patchwork

In the do-it-yourself we do not only buy large fabrics, often we also need pieces of fabric like these from the Scotch Tweed brand which offers a selection of squares of woolen fabric in the measure 23 x 23 cm. These are in fact remnants of pure wool patchwork fabric that are sold in ten squares with different patterns.

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The selection is made randomly reflecting the choices that can be seen on the descriptive photo of the product. Perfect for create objects, furniture or blankets.

Tweed Patchwork 100% residual wool Square coupons 10 pieces 23 cm

Tweed Patchwork 100% residual wool Square coupons 10 pieces 23 cm

  • 100% pure wool tweed woven by the best English and Scottish weavers
  • Pack of 10 different designs/colours Please note photos are for reference only. The packs are randomly made up of the souvenirs we are working with at the moment and will vary from photos
  • Each piece measures approximately 23 x 23 cm

5. StoffBook Wool Felt

The Stoffbook brand, on the other hand, offers a type of adhesive felt wool fabric. This product is solid color in an emerald green color. The surface is refined and the edges perfectly cut. Indeed, the fabric can be glued thanks to its the adhesive side on any smooth surface to cover objects or furnishing accessories. It is therefore a quality product that is chosen above all for decoration or craftsmanship.

Stoffbook Wool Fabrics Self Adhesive Felt Green, B735

Stoffbook Wool Fabrics Self Adhesive Felt Green, B735

  • Price and unit: the price is valid for half a meter according to the indicated width. The fabric is available in one piece. (1 unit = 0.5 meters | 2 units = 1 meter, 3 units = 1.5 meters, etc.)
  • Premium self-adhesive felt with 30% wool and 70% cellular wool. Refined surface, not frayed cut edges. The product is easy to stick on, as the film can be easily removed. The fabric adheres perfectly to all smooth surfaces
  • Quality product: first choice, of course new and never used.

6. Pure new wool 5 colors Rayher

It seems that the Rayher brand is the most chosen when it comes to wool and balls. In fact, we return to the brand to point out another great product, five balls of yarn in different colors.

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The colors chosen vary from light blue to gray and each ball weighs approximately 20 g. They are indeed perfect for creating handicrafts or accessories for the home and the person. The ideal product for DIY enthusiasts who want to have any type of fabric available according to their needs.

7. Fabulous Fabrics Jacquard Fabric

This type of Jacquard wool fabric from the Fabulous Fabrics brand is considered perfect for creating quality bags and accessories that are also unique and original. The fabric is made of 40% polyester which makes it very easy to work with, 40% cotton and 20% acrylic. The patterns available are different. It is a tough fabric that needs care.

Do not wash in one go temperature above 30° and if possible choose a gentle cycle. Also avoid tumble drying and exposing it to high temperatures. This way the colors and pattern will last longer and the fabric will always look like new.

8. Hifuture 123 Giant Woolen Cloth Yarn

A perfect ball of yarn for creating cushions, blankets, slippers and furnishing accessories is this one from Hifuture 123. It is a chunky hand knitted ball of yarn about 2 cm in diameter. This wool is easily washed in the washing machine, it is very resistant but always remains comfortable and comfortable. Perfect for making blankets with the hand thread technique or for any other idea that comes to mind for those who love DIY.

9. Walker and Hawkes tweed fabric

The Walker and Hawkes store offers a charcoal gray wool fabric made from 100% pure wool. This product is cut in such a way to allow DIYers to create any type of object. Indeed, it lends itself very well to original ideas for creating bags, accessories for the home or for the person, bathrobes, slippers and blankets.

But that’s not all, it will be possible to create many other objects by ordering all the fabric you will need. This product is 150 cm wide and weighs approximately 300 grams per meter.

10. Gray wool blend fabric by the meter

We end this list with another quality product. This time the brand is unknown but that does not call into question the quality of the wool that is sold on Amazon. It is actually a wool blend fabric that is sold by the meter and is mainly used to create large objects.

The chosen color is unique, it is a charcoal grey which lends itself well to the creation of pillows, blankets, slippers and bathrobes.

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